Design Fundamentals

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Learn the fundamentals of design in less than 6 weeks

A no-fluff course for developers to learn design principles.

"Design Fundamentals has finally provided me with the systems and strategies for developing competent design. The information is to the point. There’s no fluff. Everything is imminently actionable. This is exactly what I needed." — Joey Weber

"Hands down, this is the best course if you want to break away from the re-purposing template phase and begin gaining confidence in going all-in on custom designs for clients." –Daniel Fayette

"Holy cow, the new version is SO GOOD! This is one of my staples and I go back to it time and time again. This is LIFE-CHANGING." –Chloe M

Design Fundamentals covers everything you need to know to start seeing measurable improvements in your designs from day one.

In this course, we'll cover:

  • Starting a design from scratch. From organising the content to finding inspiration for your designs. (The feedback from previous students has been phenomenal for this module alone!)
  • A foolproof process to create unique layouts that fit your content and some easy tricks you can use to stop your designs looking like generic templates.
  • Choosing and using typefaces (including a live spreadsheet where I add new typeface combinations for you to use in your projects).
  • How to choose a flexible colour scheme and what to do when your colours just look a little bit ‘off’.
  • Easy photography and illustration treatments that can give your designs a custom look without needing to hire an illustrator — my favourite module by far. This stuff is not taught anywhere else.
  • How to identify and fix problem areas in your designs. 80% of design is in the polish. Find out how to analyse your design and make incremental improvements.

The course is structured in a way that will take you from a blank page, to a working design. You’ll can join the course with a website that you want to design or redesign, and over the next 6 weeks we’ll go through each and every step and you’ll end up with a piece of work you’re proud of.

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You'll get:

Access to 28 in-depth videos
Includes everything you need to create fantastic designs from Planning to Polish
Lifetime access to the class
Go back to the course time and time again, forever
Unlimited updates
All updates to the course and extras are included for free
Private Facebook community
Catch-up with past and present students, get help and feedback
Worksheets and cheatsheets
Includes live google docs and spreadsheets to give you the key information at a glance
6-week accountability
Enroll in our 6 week accountability email series to keep you on track
UI component library
Download our comprehensive UI component library to get you started
2 full icon sets
Includes two custom designed icon sets for all your projects
Illustration library
Use our custom design illustrations in all of your projects

Design Fundamentals

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I want this!